Soundisolating Plywood

Welde plywood is made from several peeled veneers. The panels are glued crosswise in odd numbers in our own presses using a hot pressure process to make them waterproof.

Depending on the application – in the construction industry, automotive industry, furniture industry or packaging sector – they can be coated with different surfaces: hexagonal anti-slip coating, polypropylene coating or without any coating at all.

Plywood is produced according to EU standard EN 13986. The film-faced plywood is suitable for outdoor structural use as loadable components – EN 636-3.

Raw plywood is offered in BB, CP and C quality.

Welde poplar plywood is not only light, it is defined by its high load ability and is therefore suitable wherever weight is a key factor: for concrete formwork that is moved by hand, in roofing, or in the transport business.

We demonstrate our passion for the products and the appreciation we have for our partners through our constant product development – we are working on combining our plywood with other materials in order to respond to the needs of our customers even more efficiently.