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The furniture industry is a standard buyer of all kinds of wood products. For example, a sofa is not only made of fabric, but also a lot of wood. Welde supplies high-quality material for many areas of the furnishing industry - whether sawn timber, glue-free hardboard or plywood.

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Wood and wood-based materials are the most commonly used base materials in furniture construction – even if they are not always visible.

Adapted to the trend of the time, there are – in addition to solid wood – a large number of different panel materials in the different furniture constructions.

Welde is also an experienced specialist in this area and the portfolio is extensive:

  • Timber/solid wood of all kinds – special requests are gladly fulfilled
  • Adhesive-free hardboard: raw and painted white for rigid standard applications such as rear panels and drawer bottoms, or curved for use in the sofa industry
  • Plywood panels for non-visible applications – for example in sofa construction.

Distribution is via stockists or directly to the industry.


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