Welde GroupThree production sites - several trading sites

In 1989, Ewald Welde founded the wood trading company "Welde GmbH" in Vienna. Soon thereafter, Valentin Stamenov was brought into the company as a partner. The start of the production of plywood and hardboard began the steady expansion of trading activities. Both business areas form the perfect collaboration to achieve corporate goals.

Plywood production

Of the highest quality made of poplar, birch, beech and other types of wood for around 80 years

Hardboard process

Of the highest quality made of soft and hard wood for around 50 years.

Sawn Timber process

Operating with full loads from our headquarters in Vienna, en detail with our subsidiaries in Central Eastern Europe we have been in the sawn timber and engineered wood business for over 30 years.

European PartnersWelde Group

Five countries - one group. The trading company headquartered in Vienna formed the “Group” with trading and production sites in five countries.

Plywood process

From delivery to packaging

From logs to high-quality light plywood, many steps are involved. These steps are all accomplished with many years of experience and high quality materials.

Plywood process

Delivery of the logs

The logs are digitally measured, cut to length and debarked

Rundholzstapel pappel

Veneer peeling

The rotating trunks are peeled using knives. The result: veneers in various thicknesses, lengths, and widths

Furnier schälen

Drying and sorting

The veneers are dried and sorted according to defined parameters.



Depending on the requirement, the veneers are glued.



The glued veneers are pressed in the press line – under pressure and at high temperatures


Cutting and calibrating

After pressing, the plywood sheets are cut and calibrated to obtain the desired thickness.



The panels are coated with special films made of paper and resin or polypropylene – the resins melt with the panel under pressure and high temperatures.



The plywood sheets are carefully packed and marked with a batch number. This facilitates traceability and guarantees quality assurance.


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Hardboard process

From single fiber to high-density fiberboard

The mesh structure on the back indicates an adhesive-free hardboard - this structure is considered a quality feature.

The starting material are logs of all kinds. Mainly beech, oak, poplar and some pine - all woods that are regionally available. The wood mixture ultimately determines the different board qualities.

Hardboard process

Chipping and boiling

The round wood is processed into wood chips and then boiled.



The boiled wood chips are refined into long, thin fibers.


Adhesive activation

In order to activate the wood’s own lignin and separate the individual fibers from each other, the wood fibers are kept in motion in a hot water tank – with constant stirring.


Draining and pre-pressing

From the water tank, it goes onto the fourdrinier wire and through a pre-pressing process to form a fiber mat.



The fiber mat is cut to length, fed through a multi-day press and pressed under pressure and at high temperatures.


Post cure

The hardboards continue to be conditioned in hot and humid environments. They harden particularly well this way.


Cutting and trimming

The panels are trimmed, varnished on request (with a water-based varnish) and cut according to customer requirements


Packing and shipping

Finally, the products are packed and shipped.

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Sawn timber process

From individual customer requirements to successful delivery

The Welde sawn timber trade is like a process - supply and demand on the market are professionally evaluated.

Sawn timber process

Requirement analysis

The individual needs in terms of quality, application, delivery date and payment methods are discussed to find the best solution.


Fitting needs

Checking to find the best supplier to best fit the needs of the customers.


Quality Control

We are in close contact with our partner producers and monitor production. This ensures that the products meet the required quality and specifications.



The logistics (train, truck or container) are also carried out by Welde. The financing will also be processed and the required certificates will be provided.



We deliver on time and with the highest care – trustworthiness is our added value.



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