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In vehicle construction, the right balance between weight and load-bearing capacity is essential.

Welde poplar plywood is not only light, but also stable. Notably, the combi plywood which is made from poplar and birch veneers. The thin, adhesive-free hardboards are characterized by high rigidity and low emission values.

These high-quality products are used for anti-slip and noise-inhibiting solutions in side walls and floors. According to the slogan "driven by passion", Welde is also a reliable partner in vehicle construction, offering sustainable solutions.

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High load-bearing capacity with low weight – especially with plywood; flexible adjustment even with curved surfaces, especially with hard fiber; wide range of surface finishes… – and all with low emission values.

These are attributes that are of particular importance in the automobile and van sector. Just like the resource-saving use of raw materials of all kinds: Reduced fuel consumption is just as much a part of this as sustainable production.

The Welde product range of plywood and hardboard for vans and cars is the optimal solution for many applications: whether hexagonal coating for floor panels made of plywood in minivans, slim hardboard for wall cladding or stamped stiffening elements for use under the carpets in the trunk floor.

We never stop improving. Our product development department works in the areas of plywood and hardboard to analyze the combination of different materials in order to develop noise-insulating or other requested surface properties.


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