Welde packaging

Valuable food, fragile glass bottles, scratch-sensitive sheet steel - they all have to be packaged in the best possible way.

Welde more than lives up to this claim with the adhesive-free, rigid and highly resilient hardboards.

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High-quality products require the same level of packaging. This is the only way to ensure that the valuable products are protected properly.

The requirements vary depending on the area of application, and range from food-safe to particularly flat, highly flexible and robust. The sustainably produced Welde plywood and hardboard differ in thickness, type of wood used and quality. They not only meet the required criteria, but also exceed with industry-specific know-how that flows through the manufacturing process.

If we look at steel packaging, Welde products are mainly used for coil packaging (rolled strip steel). Both the inside of the coil and the outer surface must be protected against mechanical stress. Since such a coil is round, the board must be flexible without breaking – which is not easy with glue-free hardboard, and is only 2.5 mm thick. A challenge that we are happy to take on with our internal expertise and well-trained employees.

Another example is at a glass bottle manufacturer. Each stacked case must have a board in between to ensure a smooth delivery. Care must be taken to ensure that the hardboard (in this case) is not only stiff, but also offers a surface that is as smooth as possible. This may seem surprising at first glance, but it can be explained by the fact that the glass bottles are pushed off the pallets completely automatically. Here, of course, the ground on which they stand must not offer any resistance.


Welde packaging

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