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The key criteria in construction - whether timber or concrete construction - include: costs, quality and deadline reliability. Welde is the ideal partner when it comes to building supplies.

Our film-coated plywood, with particularly low weight, is defined by the highest quality at low costs.

The Welde Bau portfolio also includes: roof lathss, sub-roof formwork for timber construction, planks or two-by-fours – also PEFC®- or FSC®-certified if required. It goes without saying that we handle this raw material responsibly.

We vouch for this with our name.

WELDE Ges.m.b.H.

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Wood is our passion. Supplying the construction sector with our sustainably produced and traded products is our promise.

The Welde “Robusta” is the result of decades of experience in the field of manufacturing lightweight, robust and film-coated plywood. Together with our partners, we have developed this comprehensive expertise in the areas of: applications, quality requirements and the number of times formwork panels are used. We are proud of that! And we are passionate about the further development of our products for the construction industry. We not only offer lightweight, coated plywood panels for slab formwork, but also plywood panels for wooden formwork and other industrial applications in the construction industry.

A wide range of products for timber construction complements the Welde portfolio – whether for interior design or for applications in the roofing sector.

Thanks to our long-standing business relationships with sawmills in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany, we can deliver all construction-related sawn timber products – from roof laths to two-by-fours to planks. Trustworthiness and sustainability form the foundation of our company.


Welde construction products

Our products for the world of construction.