Welde special PLYWOOD

Welde Special PLYWOOD

In recent years, Welde has developed special plywood for use in the construction, furniture, stage and automotive sectors. Whether special veneer surfaces, cut to size or heavy-duty plywood are required, we can meet your plywood needs.

Welde Beech/Birch Heavy-Duty Plywood

Welde Beech/Birch HEXA is designed for application in the segment of Automotive construction, where high load-ability and high scratch resistance are important. Especially for container- or trailer floors.

Welde Plywood Cut to size

In many cases plywood panels will be further processed for the final use. In our Production-facility in Bulgaria we  are able to cut out one of the steps. Based on our maximum size of 1250 x 2500 mm we can offer cut to size in different formats.

Veneered Plywood Panels

Especially in the furniture segment there is a demand for plywood with hardwood veneers. With our Welde Robusta as a base panel we offer different Veneer surfaces. We are able to offer Formage, Ash, Oak, raw or with a transparent coating.