Welde Robusta HEXA

Welde Robusta HEXA

Welde Robusta HEXA is a lightweight coated poplar plywood with a special hexagonal imprint.

Welde Robusta HEXA was developed for use in vehicle construction, where high abrasion resistance and easy cleaning are required.


The plywood panels are glued crosswise with a water-resistant phenolic resin. The gluing meets the requirements of EN 314-2 class 3 – the highest gluing class for plywood for outdoor use

High wear and scratch resistance

Taber abraser test:  up to 700  rotations


  • Hexagonal surface:

Phenolic resin film brown 240 g/m² with  Hexa structure.

  • Backside:

Phenolic resin film brown 120 g/m² with smooth surface

Other coatings or colors on request.

Edges sealed with an acrylic varnish brown.


Welde Robusta HEXA is designed for application in the segment of light commercial vehicles such as vans, small trailers or in the field of construction for scaffolding or
loading platforms.

Welde Robusta Hexa plywood panels are particularly suitable for all areas where easy cleaning of the surface and anti slip properties are demanded.

Plywood thickness

Thickness in mm Number of veneers Weight in kg/m2 Weight/pack in kg Number of sheets/pack
15 7 7,00 1520 67
18 9 8,30 1520 56
21 9 9,90 1520 48

Other thickness on request

Plywood dimension

1250 x 2500 mm/ 2500 x 1250 mm (only on request)

Tolerance length/Width: according to EN 315

Humidity 10 % +/- 2 %

Structural properties

Thickness in mm
(EN 315)
E-Modul in N/mm2
(EN 310)
Bending strength in N/mm2
(EN 310)
Em5%II Em5%┴ fm5%II fm5%┴
15 3330 2766 32 28,5
18 3330 1946 31 29,7
21 4197 1943 31,3 23,3

Other panel thicknesses on request

FSC® or PEFC® compliant delivery is possible on request