Welde hardboard FLEX

Welde hardboard flex

Welde hardboards are glue-free thin boards that are formed using high pressure and high temperature during the pressing process.


The unique wet process creates a fibreboard that stands for fresh wood, natural resins and energy from renewable sources. This combination guarantees a healthy and responsible material from production to use. Its disposal is also absolutely safe. Hardboard therefore represents boards in the cycle of nature.

Hardboard Flex

Welde FLEX hardboards are, as the name suggests, flexible. These hardboards are an internal development and are unique due to their wood mixture and the moisture management in the board.

Our FLEX board

Our FLEX board is primarily used in the sofa industry for armrests and in the steel industry for packaging  steel coils. The board must be able to bend around tight radii.

WELDE hardboard
unit FLEX
Standard thickness mm 2,2 – 5,0
Thickness tolerance mm not calibrated: <3,5mm ± 0,3; >3,5mm ± 0,5 calibrated ± 0.20
Format mm 2750 x 1700
cut to size possible
Format tolerance mm ± 2 mm/m
max ± 5 mm
Squareness mm ± 2 mm/m
Density kg/m3 900 ± 10%
Moisture content % > 9
Bending strength N/mm2 ≥ 25
Thickness swelling % ≤ 37